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Edmonton Chassis is licensed by Alberta Transportation, to perform Out-of-Province Inspections on cars and light trucks.

What's an "Out-of-Province" Inspection?

As deemed by the Government of Alberta, all motor vehicles outside of Alberta must pass an "out-of-province" inspection to be issued a license plate. The inspection is much like what you'd get in a traditional auto inspection, but the service has to be performed by a licensed Alberta Transportation's Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP) technician. During the service, our VIP tech will focus on performing these tasks:

  • Inspect key components and systems including the engine, powertrain, and suspension
  • Test and inspect the structural integrity of the vehicle
  • Check the vehicle is safe based on Alberta vehicle regulation

It's important to note that if your vehicle fails inspection, it has ten days to be repaired and reinspected. If not done within that time frame, vehicle owners will need to pay for another assessment fee in full. If repairs are done within the ten days, reinspection will only revolve around the areas where the repairs were done. So, what's the best way to pass this inspection? Bring it in for service before inspection starts. Our techs have a full understanding of this service and can perform the repairs needed to ensure that, come inspection time, you pass the first time. You won't have to worry about additional repairs and reinspection when you opt for service with us.

Out-of-Province Inspection Process

When a vehicle is brought in to Alberta from another province or from another country, an out of province inspection is required before the vehicle may be registered. This is where Edmonton Chassis comes in. We are an Out-of-Province Inspection facility.

Our system for performing out of province inspections is as follows:

  1. A customer makes an appointment to bring their vehicle for an out of province inspection. When they bring their vehicle to our facility, they provide us with a ‘Request for Inspection’ which is a form obtained from the registry. We can obtain a ‘Request for Inspection” on your behalf from the registry should you not have one. At the time of drop-off, the customer will be required to provide a copy of government-issued identification.
  2. An Automotive Inspection Technician checks the vehicle from top to bottom. All steering and brake components are measured and recorded. Tire brand and tread depths are recorded. All Airbag and ABS systems are checked using computerized scanning equipment. Finally, if the inspection technician determines it is necessary, a 4-wheel alignment is performed and the vehicle is test-driven a second time to ensure the steering and ride is correct.
  3. At this time the customer is contacted and they are able to retrieve their vehicle. Payment in full is required before the vehicle will be released. If there are any repairs that are required, the customer will be provided with a copy of the ‘Record of Inspection’ which details what repairs need to be made.
  4. The customer then has 10 business days from the date of the inspection to complete the repairs and bring the vehicle back. Otherwise, the inspection expires and the entire inspection must be done again at the same price as the original inspection.
  5. When the repairs have been completed, the customer may contact us to bring the vehicle back to Edmonton Chassis so our inspection technicians can verify that the repairs have been made, unless the repairs have been completed by us.
  6. If all the repairs are verified, or if the vehicle passes the inspection on the first attempt, we issue an Out of Province Certificate. The customer submits this certificate to the Registry within 14 days. The vehicle may now be registered and insured.


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Need to see if your vehicle needs repairs? Does your vehicle require an out-of-province inspection? At Edmonton Chassis Auto Repair & Inspections, we offer a variety of vehicle inspection services that can help with your needs. Using high-quality diagnostic and repair equipment, our techs can quickly determine your vehicle's condition and, if needed, perform the necessary repairs to ensure it's operating at its best. We'll make sure you know how your car is doing, and we'll keep you informed every step of the way. You can schedule your vehicle inspection by giving us a call at 780-454-3284, as we'd be happy to set you up with a time that works for you. We also accept walk-ins, so you can visit us at 12865 141 Street NW whenever it’s convenient for you. We'd love for you to stop by.

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