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Edmonton Chassis is licensed by Alberta Transportation, to perform Salvage Inspections on Cars, Suv's, Light Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks, Commerical Buses, Light Motor Homes and School Busses. 

Salvage Inspection Process

When a vehicle is involved in a serious collision or is stolen, an insurance company often ‘writes the vehicle off’. In other words, the insurance company decides that the cost of repairing the vehicle is more than the vehicle is worth. In the case of stolen vehicles, often the vehicle is not recovered before the insurance company writes the vehicle off. The insurance company then declares the vehicle ‘salvage’ and contacts Alberta Transportation to request that the Alberta Registry Database affix a ‘salvage’ status to the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This ‘Salvage’ label is permanent. From this point on, if anybody tries to register the vehicle, the registry will require a salvage inspection. This is a government-issued certificate that is granted once the vehicle has passed a salvage inspection at one of the licensed salvage inspection stations in Alberta. Once the inspection is completed and the vehicle has passed the inspection a new certificate is generated and now the vehicle status is change to 'Rebuilt'

This is where Edmonton Chassis comes in. We are a Salvage Inspection Facility. Our system for performing salvage inspections is as follows:

  • A customer brings their vehicle for a Salvage Inspection.
  • When they bring their vehicle to our facility, they provide us with a ‘Request for Inspection’ which is a form obtained from any Alberta registry.
  • We can obtain a ‘Request for Inspection” on your behalf from the registry office.
  • At the time of drop-off, the customer will be required to provide a copy of government-issued identification, at least 4 pictures printed and in the color of the vehicle PRIOR TO IT BEING REPAIRED.
  • Customer will fill out a Rebuilt Vehicle Work Plan.
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