5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Wheel Alignment

Correct and quality wheel alignment is essential for a smooth and secure car ride. There are several warning signs of wheel misalignment that are easy to miss. The following are five of the most common indications that it is time for a wheel alignment service: 


Sign #1: Difficulty Driving Straight

A vehicle that pulls to the left or right when you want to drive straight could significantly indicate that you've suffered from poor alignment. You might experience anything from a small tug to a hard jerk. 


Sign #2: Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear

When you notice your tires are wearing quickly and at uneven patterns, you most likely are dealing with an alignment issue. To put a stop to the damage, you should bring your car to our auto repair shop for service soon.


Sign #3: Off-centered Steering Wheel

Similar to the first sign, your steering wheel will look crooked as it can't position itself straight. A frequent event of this suggests that your wheels need realigning.


Sign #4: Loose Handling

Does your steering wheel feel loose to hold or manage? If yes, it may mean that your wheels are shifted out of alignment. Overall, it is not safe to operate a vehicle with loose handling. 


Sign #5: Vehicle Vibrations

When your steering wheel is not aligned, it will pulse repeatedly. You may experience vibration as you accelerate in speed. 


Quality Wheel Alignments & Tire Services in Edmonton, AB

If your wheel alignment is wrong, your automobile can suffer a lot of damage from your tires to your suspension, steering, and more. Furthermore, it can increase the risk of an accident. If you are looking for a wheel alignment in the Edmonton area, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Edmonton Chassis today!

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