How to Make a Salvage Car Road-Worthy Again

Most of the time, salvage vehicles are sold for less than their actual worth because the automobile has been totaled. Because salvage title vehicles are sold for less than their worth, it makes a good budget car. However, for an automobile with a salvage label to become safe and roadworthy again, it would require inspections and some serious repairs. If you're looking to get your salvage title car back on the streets, here is everything you need to know about it.


What Does a Salvage Title Mean?

A salvage title is simply a name for any vehicle damaged and regarded as a total loss by an insurance company. This typically happens when the cost of repairing the vehicle is greater than the vehicle's actual worth. The insurer will resell the damaged car to an automotive company that rebuilds or repairs the car. The salvage title becomes permanent and helps to indicate to buyers that the car has previously been damaged.


Salvage vehicles tend to have a negative stigma, but they can actually be useful (depending on the severity of the damage). Some are great at offering salvage auto parts, while others can be completely transformed and approved to be drivable again. 


You Must Get a Salvage Vehicle Inspection

Making a salvage car revert back to being on the road is slightly more complicated than repairing the damages. In Alberta, the salvage car must pass through salvage vehicle inspection. At Edmonton Chassis Auto Repair & Inspection, we are an official inspection center authorized by Alberta Transportation to perform the inspection on cars, SUVs, light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, and light motor homes.


The inspection process is extensive and can take up to several hours. When a vehicle passes the inspection, the status of the vehicle will go from 'salvage' to 'rebuilt,' and the vehicle can be re-registered and re-insured again. While the process may seem daunting at first, it is worth it if you want to score a deal on a vehicle.


If you're looking for reliable and careful salvage inspections in Edmonton, AB, look no further than Edmonton Chassis Auto Repair & Inspection. Please give us a call or visit soon!

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