What Are the Signs of Bad Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is a red car fluid responsible for lubricating transmission components and supplying hydraulic pressure to the transmission system. Similar to engine oil, drivers should not neglect their transmission fluid as it can cause wear and tear on its gears down the line.


You can rely on the experts at Edmonton Chassis to keep your transmission running in tip-top shape as we provide quality transmission fluid services. Most transmission fluids last 50,000 kilometers, give or take. Because automatic transmissions create more heat than manual transmissions, they require to be serviced more frequently.


Besides following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance interval, you can also look for signs of bad or worn transmission fluid. Below are 4 instances where you should have your transmission fluid checked:

Red Puddles Under Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid leaks aren’t typically caused by old fluid but more often from worn parts carrying the fluid. However, you still need a professional technician to identify the leak, fix the problem, and refill your vehicle with adequate fluid. 

Loud Noises While Accelerating Or Turning

If driving your car becomes a loud experience, it is wise to have your transmission fluid checked out. When your vehicle is running on low or old transmission fluid, it may make buzzing, grinding, or whining sounds.

Shifting Gears Becomes Difficult

Shifting from one gear to another should be a seamless experience when your transmission fluid is in good condition. If you are slipping out of gears or having trouble changing them, please be sure to visit Edmonton Chassis for an inspection.

Burning Odor

A burning smell coming from anywhere within your vehicle is never a good sign. If you smell a burnt odor with your transmission fluid, it means that your transmission is not receiving enough lubrication. Therefore, it is overheating and burning the fluid.

Warning Light On

Some newer vehicles have a unique dashboard warning light for the transmission. Most of the time, the check engine light will turn on when your transmission is in distress. It is better to be safe than sorry by having a diagnostics scan to pinpoint the issue.


It is crucial for you to have your transmission fluid inspected and changed on a regular basis to avoid endangering your vehicle. For all your transmission needs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the professionals at Edmonton Chassis in Edmonton, AB today! 

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